About the Lab

Exploring urban matters and why urban matters

Led by Dr. Ashima Krishna, Clinical Associate Professor, John Martinson Honors College at Purdue University


This lab builds on the four pillars of the John Martinson Honors College at Purdue University. The lab employs an interdisciplinary approach to the exploration and study of a range of urban matters, and also facilitates a pedagogical and exploratory journey for students to understand why the ‘urban’ matters. It fosters community engagement through interactive experiential opportunities across the Greater Lafayette area and beyond. It offers students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through volunteer and internship opportunities in the community. The lab also creates opportunities for students to undertake interdisciplinary research through HONR courses and mentoring by Dr. Krishna. 


When a church changes religions
BYU Radio
Sep 30, 2019

Get in touch

Dr. Krishna is always available for collaborations and partnerships related to the urban environment, particularly at the intersection of historic preservation planning, urban conservation, community development, and equity and justice. If you want to chat about cities, cultural heritage, equitable urban environments, or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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